The Invest Seoul Center offers free incubation office space and support programs to promising foreign start-ups for their successful business activities and sustainable growth.

□ Recruitment : twice a year (May, November)

□ Office space : 23 in total (13 @Seoul Startup Hub, 10 @Invest Seoul Center Gangnam)

□ Eligibility : prospective entrepreneurs, current start-ups which are less than 1 year old as of the date of move-in

□ Process : document screening ②interviewing

□ Tenancy Period : 6 months upto 1 year depending on performance evaluation

□ Rent costs : free of charge


Programs for Incubation Office companies

①Business Coaching

  • Period : 3 times of each half-year (※ It is mandatory for evaluation.)
  • Coach : Korean/English speaking experts help companies refine their skills and focus on their business ideas

②One-on-One Mentoring

  • One-on-One mentoring with experts in various fields


  • Participants : current and former tenants of the Incubation Office
  • Programs : Networking events and special lectures to help entrepreneurs build network

Benefits of the Program

  • Those who successfully completed the Incubation Office are given 15 points each (elective/OASIS-5&7) required to obtain a technology-based business start-up visa(D-8-4).


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