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Seoul's Current Status on COVID-19

Under the principle of "The most efficient cure of infectious diseases is transparency and speed," the Seoul Metropolitan Government has operated the 24-hour quarantine countermeasure from the early stages of covid-19.


Official Website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government -

The Official Website of Seoul. You can view a wealth of information about the city, including the main policies, history, culture, tourism, metropolitan experience, medical welfare, transportation, etc., along with an overall introduction to the city such


And we'd like to encourage you to join the Social Distancing Campaign as follow,


Hold up!

We'd like to ask you to join SOCIAL DISTANCING CAMPAIGN for our healthy life.


Please keep the following guidelines.


1. Refrain from going outdoors and avoid physical contact with others

2. Keep in touch with people by using social media measures instead of meeting people in person.

3. Keep your personal hygiene by washing your hand frequently and wearing mask.


Your kind cooperation would be highly appreciated.




건강한 일상을 위한 사회적 거리두기 캠페인에 동참해 주세요.


1. 외출을 자제하고 모임을 연기하는 등 타인과의 만남을 자제해 주세요.

2. 지인과는 전화, SNS로 소통해 주세요. (몸은 멀리 마음은 가까이)

3. 손 씻기를 자주하고 다중 이용 시설에서는 반드시 마스크를 착용해 주세요.


여러분의 동참에 깊히 감사드립니다.