How to establish a non-profit corporation

Foreigner “V”

Foreigner “V” wishes to establish an organization to conduct

various activities with other international students

from her country, including introducing their

language and cultures and participating in volunteer work.

The purposes and activities of

an organization must be clearly defined


The purpose of registering an organization must be clearly specified.

The purpose of the organization, such as conducting activities under

the name of the organization, receiving grants from

the local government or the competent authority,

or officially receiving contributions,

may determine whether the organization should be registered.

Differences among the establishment of a non-profit corporation,

registration as a private non-profit organization,

and registration as a voluntary non-profit organization


Establishing a non-profit corporation is the same as

establishing a corporation. Although corporations are divided into

foundations and corporations according to the organization type, their intention is to establish an entity with legal personality which is recognized by the law.

The establishment of a non-profit corporation requires registration as

an ordinary corporation and imposes duties such as tax reports.

The difference between ordinary corporations and non-profit corporations is that the latter must obtain permission from

the competent authority before completing the corporate registration.

The establishment of a non-profit corporation

does not entail entitlement to a visa


Even when establishing a non-profit corporation under

the foreign direct investment procedure with money remitted from

overseas, specific conditions (scientific and technological activities,

at least five specialists dedicated to research) must be satisfied

in order to be recognized as a foreign direct investment company,

and to be issued with a visa accordingly.

How to establish a non-profit corporation

Find the competent authority to obtain permission

 Obtain permission from the competent authority

 Lease or purchase of offices

 Corporate registration

Application for a certificate of identification number