Today's Invest Guide : Local Tax

Local Tax

A local tax is collected to provide administrative services to local residents.

Acquisition Tax


An acquisition tax is a tax to impose on an acquisitor about the acquisition of

some assets. It has an intention in which a tax is imposed on

an acquisitor exposed tax payment capacity in the circulation process in

which the ownership of real estate and automobiles, etc. is transferred.

Registration tax

A registration tax is a tax to impose on a person

who receives a registry/registration when matters about

the acquisition/transfer/change or termination of property rights

or other rights are registered or recorded on a registry.

Resident Tax

A resident tax is largely classified into an equal portion

and a property portion.

An equal portion is a resident tax to impose a fixed tax to

a person addressed in the city/gun and the company addressed in

the office/business place

Local Income Tax

1) Local income tax is classified into the followings.

The local income tax, which is paid by making as

a taxation standard both the income tax amount and corporate tax

amount to be paid under Income Tax Act and Corporate Tax Act.

2) The local employee income tax, which is paid by making as a taxation

standard the total salary to be paid to any employee of a business place.