A wise life in Seoul Ep.2 Special rides in Seoul 

International Taxi Service


International Taxis make it easy and convenient to move

anywhere without any communication problems or concerns

about unfair fares. The international taxis are driven

by qualified foreign language speaking drivers for foreign

visitors from the airport to designated destinations. It also offers a special

tour to help with sightseeing and shopping in Seoul.

Nanum (Sharing) Car


Seoul’s nanum car service allows

citizens to conveniently use a car

whenever they need one for their desired length of time.

With an initiating electric car sharing service,

it is expected to alleviate air pollution and traffic problems.

The number of the nanum car-only parking spaces and the number of

sharing vehicles will be increased in places to provide easier access.

Ttareungyi, Seoul Publick Bike


Among Seoul’s shared service programs,

Ttareungyi’ is the most popular one.

93.6 % of the citizens having used the system expressed satisfaction

for convenience of service time, simple online payment and low usage fees.

It is well connected to public transportation systems such

as subways and buses as “the feet of Seoulites.”