A wise life in Seoul Ep.1 Convenience stores

Convenience stores

(Multi-purpose living platform)


Convenience stores in Korea are becoming a multi-purpose

living platform that provides various services including

banking, pick up and delivery service, and laundry drop-off

service. In addition to ATMs with 24/7 access, you can open an

account or tranfer money without going to a bank. 

Convenience stores

(Parcel and Package Delivery)


If you have to send or receive a package, convenience stores

are the place to visit. There is no need for customers to meet

the delivery man directly now as unmanned delivery boxes are

installed in convenience stores. Even if you want to ship

the documents overseas and you have no time to visit

the post office, you don"ft have to worry at all! 

Convenience stores

(O2O Service)


With the recent connection between logistics and O2O,

now you can enjoy various convenient services for daily life

from the convenience stores. If you drop off the laundry,

you can receive washed clothes to the designated address.

Moreover, they also deliver products that customers want,

such as convenience store lunch boxes and snacks,

to the front of the customer’s house 24/7. 

Convenience stores

(Charging services for Electric Vehicles)


It also provides charging services for Electric Vehicles(EVs)

at convenience stores in line with the growing use of EVs.