Today's Invest Guide : Forms of Foreign Direct Investment 

Acquisition of Stocks or Shares of

a Domestic Company


Foreign investment amount of KRW 100 million or more

Holding of 10% or more of voting stock issued by

a Korean corp. (including a corporation under incorporation)

or a company managed by a Korean national

Long-Term Loans

Loans with a maturity of not less than five years

(based on the loan maturity prescribed in the initial loan contract)

supplied to a foreign-invested company

Contribution to a Non-Profit Organization



A contribution to a non-profit corporation is an entity

that is equipped with independent

research facilities in the science and technology fields

Foreign Investment Promotion Act

and Individual Laws


Since a foreign-invested company is a domestic corporation

established under domestic law, such a company is governed by

the same laws that apply to purely domestic corporations even if

the foreign-invested company has followed the procedures

prescribed by the Foreign Investment Promotion Act.

Therefore, a foreign-invested company should obtain permission or

authorization under the domestic law as and when required.