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Course Description

  Course period: October 5(Mon.) ~ December 10 (Thur.), 2020 (twice a week / 10 weeks)

  □ Eligibility: All foreigners living in Korea (+ 20 years old)

  □ Fee: FREE (Class materials not included  

  □ Class format: real time online class via ZOOM

  - Please take classes at places where you can be disturbed by noise

     (home or meeting room advised; do not access while moving by public trasporation such as subway or taxi)

 - Wifi not appropriate as it can disconnect. Please directly connect to LAN cable of a home router.

- Zoom user guide will be distributed 1 hour before first class to those who completed 2nd level test & are assigned class.


   Course Schedule

                                 Red: Both application and waiting list closed  Blue: Application closed, but the waiting list is open now



Class material


Mon/Wed, 10:00~11:30

Sogang Korean 1A


Tue/Thu, 10:00~11:30

Sogang Korean 1B


Mon/Wed, 14:00~15:30

Sogang Korean 2A


Mon/Wed, 16:00~17:30

Sogang Korean 2B


Tue/Thu, 14:00~15:30

Sogang Korean3A


Tue/Thu, 16:00~17:30

Sogang Korean3B


Grammar by course


한국어를 처음 배워요. -예요/이에요, -//였어요, - 싶어요


- 거예요, _ 있어요/없어요, -으세요, -/어야 해요, -/어서


-()세요, -()셨어요, -(), -()ㄹ까요?, -()ㅂ시다,-/아도 되다, -() 되다, -/ㄴ다고 하다


-// 같다, -/아도, -자고 하다, -()라고 하다, -냐고 하다, -/어지다, - 되다


대요/래요/재요/냬요, -/ 편이다, -/ 보니까, -던데요, - 텐데 걱정이다


-을지도 모르다, -/었더니, -더라고요, -은가/ 보다, -느라고

* Please review the grammar of each course and select course that is suitable for you.

* Be careful when you select courses. Courses that are not suitable for you will lead to difficulties.



How to apply

 Application period: September 14 (Mon.) ~ September 25 (Fri.) 2020

  Online application: click on the link https://forms.gle/MZsn2ynKU6xCUVtR8 

  □ Required documents: a copy of Alien registration card or assport

                                              Application accepted only when applicant's visa expires after December 10.

  □ Level test

Level Tests

First test

Second test

Announcement of Class assignment

Sep 26 (Sat) to

 Sep 27 (Sun)


Links to level test will be sent to applicants via text message.


Sep 28 (Mon) to Sep 29 (Tue)


Classes will be assigned based on results of the first test and applicants will be notified of the assigned classes via text message. And time for the second test will be notified via text message on Sep 28 (Mon).

Immediately after the second test.

Online level test

Level test on the phone

* Applicants for introductory course do not have to take a level test.
* For those who do not take the first level test until a certain time specified, their application will be cancelled.     

* Classes assigned after the first test might change according to the results of the second test.

* As for second level test, instructors will call applicants to their mobile phone number beginning with “010”.

   Applicants who do not answer the phone may be disadvantaged. Be sure to answer the call from instructors.


Contact Information 

Tel: 02-2271-9521 (Invest Seoul Center Dongdaemun)

□ E-mail : thdusl01@sba.seoul.kr

Website: https://investseoul.center


■ To apply : https://forms.gle/MZsn2ynKU6xCUVtR8