Competitiveness of Seoul’s potential power 

Open and Free Society


Korea is a representative democratic society.

In 2017, the Economist Intelligence Unit evaluated Korea as a complete

democratic society.

Foreign Friendly City


Most signs in Seoul are written in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Foreigners feel comfortable and can get around easily.

Second Home of the Global Brand


Home to global brands such as Samsung and LG.

More international technology companies are moving to Seoul.

Seoul Tourism Development Plan


Seoul has prepared mid and long-term strategies and tasks

for domestic tourism focusing on qualitative and quantitative growth.

Seoul will create the World Tourism-friendly City Council with the UNWTO.

A new ‘Smart Tourism Platform’ will be built using AR/VR technologies.

Investing City for the Future


Seoul is an innovative city beyond the fourth industrial revolution,

experimenting with the latest technologies such as

smart factories and smart city services.

Convenience and Transparency


Seoul is one of the world's best e-government cities.

The city provides convenient and innovative information services

while increasing transparency of public administration.