Competitiveness of Seoul’s Tourism 

Seoul is a representative city that combines historic and modern buildings.

Hanok Village, the Four Grand Palaces, and Jongmyo Shrine nestled among tall buildings are the unique scenery of Seoul, showing a combination of past and future.

With sensational shopping, delicious food, diverse culture, and convenient transportation, international tourists are fascinated

by the capital of Korea. Korea is fast becoming a valued tourists destination.

Korean Tourism Industry Statistics

 16th in the world’s competitiveness of tourism industry in 2019

18th in tourism revenues with $21.6 billion in 2019

17.5 million international tourists visited Korea in 2019

93.4% of international visitors satisfied with their trip to Korea in 2019

Seoul Tourism Development Plan

Seoul has prepared mid and long-term strategies and tasks

for domestic tourism focusing on qualitative and quantitative growth.

Seoul will create the World Tourism-friendly City Council with the UNWTO.

A new ‘Smart Tourism Platform’ will be built using AR/VR technologies.